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Small Guitar Amp Projects

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The Real McTube Logo

The Real McTube II
This is the 2001 rework of my 1996 tube "fuzz box" design, in its sexy new stompbox-style "skin" adapted from an abandoned telephone relay box.

The Real McTube II guts
The innards of "The Real McTube II" demonstrating its basic simplicity. Note the two transformer subassemblies, scrounged from common every-day 12 volt "wall-wart" DC supplies; these form both the low- and high-voltage power supplies for the design.

Li'l 4x4 logo

Li'l 4x4 chassis
Easily my "cutest" project to date. This one demonstrates that careful design (similar in many ways to the RA-100 design approach) can result in excellent performance from components that were never intended for hi-fidelity reproduction. This 4-stage, 4-watt design makes a great instrument practise amplifier, but can also be used for hi-fi reproduction uses.

Li'l 4x4, completed
Here it is in its final application, probably the nicest little guitar amplifier I've ever owned. The 8" speaker and the guitar leaning on it give an idea of its size. But don't let size deceive, have a listen to "Sor - Study in B minor" at my Ampcast site for an actual recording mic'd from this amplifier.

Spunky logo

Spunky front view
Sort of a sequel to "Li'l 4x4", but optimised for more of a classic tube guitar amplifier sound. Also sports about twice the power (8 watts) thanks to its parallel push-pull quad of 35C5's. It also incorporates a "Big Muff" single-pot tone control, and a fixed compressor option selectable with a toggle switch.

Spunky, completed
Here it is all nicely packaged up in a matching enclosure to "Li'l 4x4", for a "his 'n' hers" set. It's only right that "hers" is bigger! ;-)

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