Fred Nachbaur's AM Transmitter Circuits
Have you ever wanted to build a low-power AM transmitter,  with
good fidelity and stability, to let you transmit to AM radios in 
your house or apartment? Antique radio collectors especially will 
find this useful; it's quite surprising and out-of-place to hear 
urban rap "music" emanating from a beautiful 1930's Philco or Ze-
nith! Here's your chance to experiment with several tube-based AM 
transmitter circuits. One of them (The "Goldberg") even sports 
enough output to drive a Linear for community or "p1rate" radio.

Use of these circuits is subject to the laws of your country of residence. This information is provided for educational purposes and authorized usage only.

SWTP and built-up Theremax                At this site:

The "Muntz"
- A 1-tube wonder! Surprisingly clean.
The "Bean Counter"
- 2-tube hi-fi AM transmitter
The "Gypsy"
- 3-tube tunable TX with Buffer
The "Goldberg"
- 4-tube hi-fi PA driver
An 807-based Linear
- 80 watts PEP or more

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