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My original intent was to provide this software as GPL (general public license) open-source software. However, since it calls other peoples' programs as subroutines, and furthermore includes the facility to import other peoples' data, the matter becomes a little stickier. The solution I came upon was to provide the entire package including executables, documentation, sources and support files, under the following license terms:

  1. You may use any or all of the programs for free, in whatever way you see fit. Midi files that result from the use of this program suite retain the original copyright; I claim no portion of the copyright as a result of the use of these programs.
  2. You may circulate the original distribution package in any way you see fit. As a matter of simple courtesy I request that you include all support files, in the original distribution package. If you stand to gain financially from such distribution, contact me for permission and to make arrangements for royalties. Removing copyright notices and credits is severly frowned upon :-( ... not to mention illegal.
  3. The qbasic source files are provided for study purposes. If you do modify the software in any way, you may recompile it for your own personal use, but you may NOT redistribute it without the express permission of myself, Fred Nachbaur, and any other copyright owners.
  4. THIS SOFTWARE IS SUPPLIED WITH NO WARRANTY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. That being emphasised, I welcome any criticisms, suggestions, bug reports, and sundry comments of a constructive nature. However, there is no guarantee that such suggestions will be implemented in future versions, or indeed that there will even be any future versions.
Fred Nachbaur
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