Johnny Had a 6L6
by Phil Witt

Now Johnny had a 6L6
Its bulb was white as snow.
And everytime he hit the switch,
The fuses they would blow.

He carried it to school one day
To see what teacher said.
"I do believe you've got a dud.
Your 6L6 is dead."

He hung his head and sobbed a bit,
And gave the tube a kick,
The thing that gave him greatest joy,
Was now much more than sick.

But little Johhny had a plan,
And he figured out a way.
He boxed the tube and auctioned it,
On none other than E-bay.

"New Old Stock with getter bright,"
His ad it boldly stated,
And soon he had a dozen bids,
And finally they were sated.

He shipped the tube in a tattered box
With a wrap of plastic bubble.
Insured it well and then sat back,
Just waiting for the trouble.

And soon the buyer all enraged,
Emailed the clever seller:
"The tube is crushed and broken,
Please make it right young feller."

So Johnny sent the post receipt,
He'd insured for greater bucks.
They both made out on this foul deal,
But their integrity sucks.

We pay for this in higher rates
In taxes and in levies.
There's nothing we can ever do,
Cause the nation's run by faeries.

The End

Submitted for you consideration is my latest work. It is on-topic. I was going to be a great piece along the lines of Beowulf, or The Raven, or Hiawatha. But, somehow, I was distracted and all that rolled forth was this silly drivel. Forgive me.

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