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Important: A couple users have written, saying that the tube didn't even light up. In both cases it was due to counting the tube pins in the wrong direction. If you're unsure about which way the tube numbering goes, click here. (Use your browser's Back button to return to this page afterwards.)

Bruce Pollack writes, "My name is Bruce , and I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed making the Mc tube stomp box. I'm a novice at guitar, but when my 11 year old son wanted to start playing , we started looking into electric guitars and amps. The price of a tube amp kept me away from them, but we were looking for that "tube sound". That's when I discovered your plans on the net. It took about two weeks to get the parts together, and admittedly, I spent a little too much for them [ about $75.00] but that's o.k., the experience was worth every penny of it!

I had virtually no prior knowledge of tube technology, just some basic fundamentals in electricity. The way that you laid out the plans , and testing along the way made it idiot-proof. Both my son and I have been enjoying it's "smooth tube sound". The range of distortion is not as wide as I'd hoped,I can't seem to get a real dirty sound out of it but I'll play around with C6 and C8 to see what effect it has. I'm going to build two more, one for my brother and another for a friend. Once again THANK YOU for the experience, it was an education for both my son and I.

Bruce and his son's Real McTube II
Bruce and his son with their newly-built Real McTube II.

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