Fred Nachbaur's Theremin Music!
While I've used a theremin (specifically, my old SWTP 144)
in performance on several occasions, no recordings of this
have survived.  But now that my theremin interest has been
rekindled by my hot-rod Theremax,  I intend to compose new
works specifically for this amazing instrument.  The first
composition is described here, available for free download

Impending Doom II
Impending Doom II logo This was written for a freeware RPG whose working title was "Steampunk Saga". Though the game project has appeared to die on the vine, the music still survives. This ditty was intended for a sequence in which things are going quite well for Our Heroes, but as they approach the Emperor's castle through a dark wood, they get the definite inkling that Danger and other Bad Things await their arrival.

The original version simulated the sound of a theremin completely in midi. I have since (Nov. 2000) re-done it using a real theremin.

Recordings of both the original version and the Theremax remake are available for free downloading from my or SoundClick (Tmax version only) sites. Please take the time to download the hi-fi version, as the "lo-fi" samples are pretty "lo" in "fi".

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